Why Tulip?

Our Beliefs:

  • No idea is too bold for our stage

  • We don’t care if people say it can’t be done. We only care that it should be done.

  • Unprecedented problems require unprecedented conversations

  • We are different not just by design, but by necessity

  • Few things are as powerful as a story well-told

  • The only thing we know for certain is in the future nothing will be the same

    Tulip is a community — You are going to be part of something great.

Our Contract With You:

  1. We will bring you voices you can’t hear anywhere else, telling you messages that are vital for our future.

  2. We won’t lie or sugar coat, we won’t flatter your ego, we strive to find truth in reality.

  3. We will give you a space to have actual conversations around nuanced and complex issues.

  4. We will never be boring.

In return, we ask of you:

  1. You come ready to talk and to listen

  2. You engage in good faith

  3. You understand community works both ways - you must do more than just take for yourself.