Why Sponsor Tulip

Here’s something many people don’t know: Tulip is an industry event with cutting-edge marketing built into its DNA. Helping companies connect with their customer is what we do as a company, and the Tulip Conference is our crown jewel.

Tulip has been designed from the ground up to achieve things most events can’t.

Connect with a rare and valuable audience

Tulip’s most distinguishing feature is its audience - we call them emerging leaders. They are younger (25-45) than the average for business conferences, and they are on careers that are starting to take off (60% of them have buying power at their company). Because we use targeted outreach in our event promotion, they also come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, helping us build an audience that is a healthy cross-section of the industries we cover.


Tulip Audience Forecast


How Sponsorship helps you connect with our Audience:

Be seen as an expert

Our audience comes to Tulip because we feature a slate of powerful speakers who teach them about the trends, tools, and products that are pushing what's possible. We have a comprehensive program committee who ensure our talks are not only entertaining but also informative. When you appear alongside our content your company becomes synonymous with our established level of expertise.

Expand your domain reach

The power of Tulip goes far beyond our physical stage. Each of our speaker’s presentations will be published by us online, turning them into really engaging content that will show up in search results and grow our audience. Your company can show up in those same search results and connect with our growing audience too, by sponsoring specific talks at our conference. Let google send search traffic to your content instead of your competitors.

Get our audience to leave with your product

A specific reason our audience comes to Tulip is to learn new tools and techniques — and with over 60% of our audience having buying power at their company, you want them to learn yours. Our audience comes to our conference hoping it will help change their company for the better, making it the ideal time to have your solution presented to them. We have a variety of ways you can directly engage with our audience, and turn the excitement of Tulip into excitement for you.

Claim your place in the eco-system

Our audience loves Tulip because we work hard to represent the full scope in the industries we cover. That doesn’t mean we are able to invite everyone to attend. By sponsoring Tulip, you can ensure that in our eco-system your company has the presence you want — and establishing you as a leader in that market. We have several different opportunities that can help companies of any size. 


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