Being a Pioneer isn’t easy


Hannah Davis

CMO Mammoth Distribution and Heavy Hitters

That “deer in headlights” look that many of us had when we first started trying craft beer is the same look that many consumers have when walking into a dispensary.

At Tulip Conference:

  • Learn from failures and successes that teach universal lessons across emerging industries

  • Connect with investors eager to enter your industry

  • Meet experts who can help you develop sound businesses strategies for your new ideas

  • Connect with leaders in other industries ready to work with you

2019 Emerging Industries in Focus

Learn about 6 industries, expected to see up to a combined $2 Trillion in growth by 2025:

Industry Pioneers Love Tulip Because:


Connect with the Bright and Brave

Pioneering emerging industries is not for the faint-of-heart. Discover a community of amazing people who understand your struggles because they’ve gone through them and overcame them.


Create opportunities, don’t wait for them

Business leaders come to Tulip because they want to take their business in a new direction — that’s a really good time for them to learn about the exciting work that you are doing, and how you can help them navigate your field.


Take what works, and scale it the same day

There’s power in numbers — at Tulip we love to invite others who have overcome similar problems in your industry. Discover the emerging best practices that can help you accelerate your own business.


Get some cross-disciplinary ninja skills

Tulip’s programming is designed to bring together people who normally are never in the same room. Through ice-breaking techniques, we put all of you in the drivers seat with a co-pilot to solve the problems you face.