Viktor Radchenko

Viktor Radchenko, Founder @ Trust Wallet

Viktor Radchenko, Founder @ Trust Wallet


Can you give us a teaser of your talk?

A Browser of Decentralized Internet

Tell us about what you are working on right now.

Working on Trust Wallet and building a platform for decentralized world

What is your background?

Originally from Ukraine, moved to US in 2011 to pursue his American dream to change the world for better. Viktor was an early employee in secure, cloud-based, communication platform Symphony. Previously, he co-founded a startup in logistics space - Trucker Path that provides navigational assistance and freight matching, later the company was sold to RenRen. Now Viktor is a founder of a multi currency crypto wallet and DApp Browser - Trust Wallet, which was acquired by Binance to continue its mission to make crypto currency easy to use and give users full control over their digital assets.

What should we look out for in the next 5 years?

Decentralized Exchanges - give freedom to people Interoperability of the blockchains - to connect applications Seamless use of crypto - better security and key managment

Who is doing good work in your field?

Open Source - allow anyone to build and contribute

How do you hope Tulip will be different / better?

Great opportunity to learn from different people in space and share knowledge

Where can people find you online?