Gregory Crutsinger

Gregory Crutsinger - Founder at Scholar Farms

Gregory Crutsinger - Founder at Scholar Farms


Tell us about your background and how you got into this field.

I am the founder of Scholar Farms, which specializes in drone data capture and analytics, particularly for environmental applications. The company was founded from extensive experience in academic research and teaching, as well as the commercial drone industry. Prior to Scholar Farms, I worked for some of the leading hardware and software companies in the industry. While serving academia, I was an assistant professor, holding a PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology.

Of all the qualified drone people in the industry, you might wonder, why am I one of the folks who gets called for these wildfires? The short answer is that one small action of being helpful and responsive led to a domino effect of deeper involvement.
— Gregory Crutsinger

In the next five years, what are the most important things to keep and eye on in your field? Why?

While drone technology is rapidly advancing, the greatest opportunities will be in capturing, processing, and delivering drone data to different commercial verticals. Key advancements in computer vision and machine learning will be crucial to facilitating the commercial advances in drones by automating the analyses and decision making.

Who (person or company) do you feel is doing exciting stuff in your field? Why?

Pix4D is an interesting company leading the way in drone data. They are at the heart of many commercial drone operations as the photogrammetry engine processing images into both 2D and 3D map layers.

How do you hope Tulip Conference will be better than your typical event/conference? Why?

I hope the conference will merge the decision makers with the tech innovators to truly move the industry forward.

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