Braden Lambros

Braden Lambros, Executive Director, AI Transformation @ Olive

Braden Lambros, Executive Director, AI Transformation @ Olive


Can you give us a teaser of your talk?

Administrative spend in the US Healthcare system exceeds $1 TRILLION dollars per year (>33% Healthcare spend), yet 6 of 10 employees that work in healthcare NEVER interact with a patient. Imagine the impact that a 1% cost shift from administration to care delivery would have on the lives of patients?

Insert digital workforce.

A digital workforce is going to free up your human workforce, and will fundamentally change our lives, the way that we work, and the insight we have to make decisions in our work environments (and beyond!).

I strongly believe in the powerful, advanced future that a digital workforce and artificial intelligence will enable, and the positive impact it will have on a global scale.

Tell us about what you are working on right now.

Over the last year, I have been focused on designing and deploying digital workforce strategies and solutions for our partners nationally across US Healthcare systems, leveraging our teams of ai experts & engineers, to shift-work and human capacity into higher value roles.

What is your background?

For the last 7+ years, I have been focused on driving tangible value in the healthcare industry, leading clients/teams through performance improvement engagements, solving complex problems through data and technology, delivering revenue growth, cost savings, and overall business transformation for health systems and healthcare companies in the United States.

Now I have the opportunity to help organizations leverage new technologies like RPA and machine learning, to design programs and deploy solutions for the first time in US healthcare.

What should we look out for in the next 5 years?

  1. ethics of artificial intelligence in general
  2. driverless cars
  3. digital workforce deployments w/ advanced cognitive abilities
  4. AI utilized for imaging/diagnosis

How do you hope Tulip will be different / better?

Shorter sessions, leaving with to dos, innovative insights to new approaches and technologies I have not yet been exposed to.

Where can people find you online?