The Missing Billions

The largest technological transformation in human history is only half-done

It may not feel fast day-to-day, but we are living through what may be the largest technology revolution ever in history: the creation of a global internet. Recent technological breakthroughs have created new toolboxes for innovators to use when building infrastructure, new businesses, and new financial systems. What will be possible in a truly connected world?


The next Billion users

How we connect the next billion people is not a solved problem. New advances in hardware and technology mean that creative minds are still needed to engineer infrastructure that can provide access to economically and geographically remote people.


A Billion Possibilities

Access and inclusion are forces that have shaped world politics and economics for 30 years. As technology is put into new hands, what opportunities can be unlocked by a billion new people entering the online world?


Power to the people

Corruption and censorship have huge negative costs to economies and individuals. As new people are brought online, what role can emerging technologies like DLT, Blockchain, and digital money play in bringing new economic freedoms and opportunities?


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Mathias Abdissa


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The Missing Billions

The largest technological transformation in human history is only half-done

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