The Privacy Paradox

This is a real pandoras box


Public opinion has made it clear: some companies have gone too far with their use of personal data. But the current waves of public backlash risk hurting or destroying whole business models. A balance between the gifts of data science, and the personal cost of being a data point must be found. Can modern privacy technology allow us to have our cake and eat it too?


Privacy & Governments

New technologies mean new tools for business, but also the potential for new regulations. How can we find a way to grow what is possible while better protecting what is private?


Privacy & Companies

What does it mean when an increasingly large part of our economy relies on data? Even small organizations like Tulip rely on collecting some data - what is a sustainable model of privacy?


Privacy & Individuals

Data is the new oil, which means economic forces are mining evermore intimate parts of our lives and exploiting it for profit. How much of ourselves should be up for the highest bidder? How can we educate people about both the costs and the benefits?


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