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Web 4 - Something New This Way Comes

Why everyone should hear this:

The internet of today is almost entierly the property of just a handful of tech companies — Web 4 promises a radical redistribution of power on the web, while creating opportunities for data ownership and self-monitization.

Screenshot 2019-05-10 10.44.20.png

Joshua Bernstein

  • Chief Architect of Amazon Web Services

  • Created Siri’s infrastructure, has stories about Steve Jobs. Oh and before that he worked at NASA.

  • The man running one of the largest centralized cloud services in existence will tell you why the web’s future is decentralized.

Vivek Chhabra

  • Partner at 21IQLabs

  • Ran the Mobile & Cellular IoT Business Unit at Marvell

  • See how 5G & next-generation wireless hardware will transform the “last mile” of the internet, communications, data, and blockchain.

Maciej Kranz

  • Vice President of Strategic Innovation at Cisco Systems

  • Cisco, by the way, is what the internet runs on.

  • Learn how new technology is going to make today’s internet look like a mess of wires: such as IoT, FOG & Edge Computing, and blockchain technologies.

Prof. Craig Calcaterra

  • Professor at Metropolitan State University, leading architect of decentralized systems.

  • He uses cutting edge theories from Astrophysics to create a better internet.

  • Learn how Web 4.0 will empower people to make money from their own attention.

John Wolpert

  • Product Executive, Seeker of Awesomeness @ ConsenSys Web3Studio

  • He is helping to start the next wave of companies on Ethereum and the emerging decentralized Web

  • Learn how blockchain is about to go from a “bad word” to essential ingredient in every integration.

Richard P Paris

  • Founder of - terabyte level blockchain for the distributed web.

  • Has a masters in Philosophy

  • Learn how blockchain & web 4.0 technologies are already out-running censorship technology, restoring freedom to all corners of the internet.

Privacy by design: The Emerging Best Practice

Why everyone should hear this:

We have some rather good news. Data is a vastly underutilized resource, and thanks to new understandings and technologies, there are ways to get far more a value from it, while keeping it secure and private. With data & privacy, it may be possible to have your cake and eat it too.


Patrick Ryan

  • Adjunct Professor (formerly Faculty Director) of the University of Colorado at Boulder, Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program

  • Dr. Ryan is a professor, author and researcher in Internet governance and the intersection of law and regulation, and a Technical Program Manager in Silicon Valley.

  • Current research projects focus on preserving anonymity in cryptocurrency and on addressing quantum resistance.

Abraham Kang

  • Security researcher & ML Expert

  • Studies the insecurity of smart homes and appliances, robots and AI/ML.

  • Learn about what it’s like to roll up your sleeves and go hunting for modern monsters: rouge adversarial AI.

Crystal Rose

  • CEO @ Sensay

  • She’s building Sense Chat, a decentralized video messenger with blockchain based encryption.

  • The blockchain is secure, but how can we have privacy with transparency?


Doug Laney

  • Principal Data Scientist at Caserta — A leading data & analytics firm.

  • The world expert in valuing and monetizing data for businesses.

  • Learn how your company can grow using the massive untapped potential inside — data — without turning to the dark side.

Ravikanth Andhavarapu

  • Co-founder of Zagg Network

  • Zagg network is the first protocol which enables both account and UTXO models of value transfer on blockchain.

  • Learn how about the tools that give you the ability to granularly control the quality and quantity of the information that needs to be shared

Unbundling Banking

Why everyone should hear this:

Banks and Financial institutions, as you and I know them, are being disrupted in real time. Everything, from loans to buying a pack of gum will be touched by a cashless digital society. What new possibilities exist when all the traditional economic rules get rewritten?


Meysam Moradpour

  • Vice president of Digital Payments Strategy at MasterCard

  • His expertise is building next-generation payment platforms that improve the lives of business owners

  • Learn why a cashless future will be more efficient, more secure, and increase financial access for all.

Matthieu Soule

  • Deputy CEO @ L'Atelier BNP Paribas

  • BNP Paribas is the world's 8th largest bank by total assets.

  • Learn how financial services can play a role in tackling the energy transition challenge.

Trupti Natu

  • Leads Global Risk Management and Strategy @ Uber Eats

  • Her goal is to keep fraudsters at bay without negatively affecting the user experience

  • Learn about challenges around payment and marketplace risk @ Uber Eats


Zack Ellison, CFA, CAIA

  • Founder at Applied Real Intelligence

  • He is a FinTech-focused venture capitalist and advisor to financial institutions.

  • Learn how financial tech companies can work with banks and governments to create products that get buy-in and investment.

Alex Martin

  • Director of Strategic Partnerships, ePesos

  • He’s been leading a financial revolution in Mexico

  • Learn how new financial tech companies are creating new profitable markets and changing lives today.

Arms of the Future

Why everyone should hear this:

The automation revolution has already begun. Come to the front-lines of change where recent advances in AI and computer vision are changing physical robotics while advances in software and process automation are changing companies from the inside-out.

Screenshot 2019-05-10 10.45.12.png

John Suh

  • Founder, Director @ Hyundai CRADLE

  • He’s created Hyundai’s research, investment, and walking-robotic car devision. Yeah it’s cool stuff.

  • Learn how existing technologies are being combined to create the future of human mobility.

Jason Stevens

  • Vice President - Global Supply Chain Solutions @ The Estée Lauder Companies

  • Jason’s been transforming Estée Lauder’s large, diverse, and fragile operations with automation.

  • Learn how automation has allowed Estée Lauder to revolutionize a product’s journey from shelf to a customer’s hands.

Joe Mann

  • Global Vice President, General Manager Robotics @ TASKI Intellibot

  • He doubled then tripled sales at the largest manufacturer of indoor navigation robots

  • Learn how a new generation of robots require new approaches to realize their full potential.

Zia Mohammad

  • Product Manager @ IBM Watson

  • Expert on how AI is being used by enterprise customers.

  • Learn how software AI is impacting professionals today, saving time, money, and lives, and where it still needs work.

Braden Lambros 

  • Executive Director, AI Transformation @ Olive

  • Combines and grows Oliv’es Robotic process automation (RPA) + computer vision(CV) + Machine Intelligence + Global Awareness technologies

  • Learn how AI is changing healthcare from the inside-out.

Patrick Marlow

  • Director of Engineering @ IPSoft

  • Patrick helps IPSoft’s clients turn laser beams and holograms into reality.

  • Learn how chatbot technology is unlocking whole new ways for companies to leverage data and improve customer experiences.

XDAC - Exchange, Digital assets and Custody Tech

Why everyone should hear this:

Soon there will be whole new classes of assets you can invest your money in. Some will promise wild returns or unique opportunities. Other's will prove to be dangerous.


Viktor Radchenko

  • Founder @ Trust Wallet

  • He creates wallet technology for one of the world’s largest digital exchanges - Binance.

  • Learn about holding digital assets without getting burned - or losing them to digital theft.

Matt Zimmerman

  • Founder & CEO @ Base Zero

  • Sings a mean tenor

  • Learn what it takes to keep digital assets safe from internal and external threats.

Vishal Karir

  • Founder @ iHuddl

  • Former Blackrock executive looking to reinvent investment

  • See how small investors and businesses can leverage new tools to break traditional investment barriers.


The "Woke" Corporation

Why everyone should hear this:

Today, companies are expected to behave well both in public and private. They are held accountable for bias and blindness. They must be both good environments to work in and good for the communities they serve. To be a best-in-class company in the 2020s, corporations will have to get "woke".


Seema Gururaj

  • Founder, CEO @ Square Circle

  • Former director of Grace Hopper who increased attendance by over 300% in just 3 years, making it the largest conference for women technologists in the world

  • Learn about what it is we are trying to build when we describe a workplace that is more equitable, inclusive, and diverse.

Alexandria de Aranzeta 

  • Founder, CEO @ Accessity  

  • Alex designed her first accessible home at age 11, built her first accessible tech at age 12, and sharpened her vision for access after working in government, where she resolved 300+ civil rights cases and managed diversity compliance for 60+ agencies. Now she leads Accessity, a startup working to solve for access & aging-readiness in the built environment.

  • Learn how the physical spaces in which we work can influence enablement and inclusion, for the future of everyone. 



Peter Kozodoy

  • CEO @ Stradeso

  • He’s a three-time New England Champion in Men’s Figure Skating, and has a black belt in Taekwondo.

  • Learn how the coming age of increased business transparency will make honesty a key asset.

Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy

  • Founder @ CITE Collective

  • Georgie-Ann is a serial entrepreneur, community builder, speaker, author, and a Diversity in Tech Enthusiast.

  • Learn how companies succeed and fail in creating a workplace that works for everyone.

Cannabis Tech

Why everyone should hear this:

A modern David and Goliath fight is brewing in the wild west of legal Cannabis. Mixed with a unique quasi-legal status and subject to social taboos, Cannabis is a fascinating example of a $150 Billion industry materializing in real time.

Hannah Davis

  • CMO for Heavy Hitters & Mammoth Distribution

  • She was a pioneer in craft beer, and now is creating new brands in cannabis.

  • See how making the new and different feel familiar is key in creating new consumers for emerging industries.

David Wilmot

  • Founder & CEO @ Strive Technologies

  • Was an operations executive at Starbucks for over 7 years.

  • Learn about a new breed of companies springing up to deliver the massive infrastructure required by the coming green tsunami.

Katriel Sarfati

  • CMO @ TresMonet Skincare

  • He’s been helping cannabis companies launch and scale for over 9 years

  • Hear about the changes both visible and hidden in cannabis from the “black” days, all the way through 50-shades of legally-grey to today.

Zero-waste and Disasters

Why everyone should hear this:

All around our homes, our cities, and our companies there is an often unseen web of material streams. These systems, built to keep many of the physical by-products of our economy hidden from sight, are already breaking down with disastrous consequences. Learn how the future of not just businesses, but communities and countries will have to adapt to the reality of trash. Special attention is paid to the complex interactions between natural disasters like fires or floods, and the circular economy.

Jane Patton

  • Director @ No Waste Louisiana

  • Expert in market-focused campaigns to disrupt single-use plastics

  • Discover the opportunities companies have to solve the plastic pollution crisis, and how they can earn market share while doing it.

Leslie Lukacs

  • Sustainable Material Management and Zero Waste Consultant

  • Leslie made many of San Francisco’s hottest tourist attractions zero-waste.

  • Learn how businesses and communities can work together to become healthier both economically and environmentally.

Katlyn Marchini

  • COO @ Replate

  • Replate uses on-demand technology to match surplus food from businesses with communities in need.

  • Learn how Replate is creating a business that makes a positive impact on food waste, the communities they serve, and their own employees.


Stacy Savage

  • President @ Zero Waste Strategies

  • When businesses ask the city of Austin for help recycling, they send Stacy to help.

  • Learn how the often hidden supply and material streams around us are harming our communities, and how we have the tools to stop it already.

Gregory Crutsinger

  • Founder @ Scholar Farms

  • Has become the go-to rapid response drone mapper for California natural disasters.

  • Learn about what it takes to manage drone data in an emergency or disaster?

Product Market Fit

Why everyone should hear this:

Every successful business sells a product that is a good fit for their market. Finding this fit, especially with nascent technology like blockchain, is very challenging. Learn about examples of the technology impacting lives, today, and what this means for the near-term future of DLT.

Screenshot 2019-05-10 10.46.18.png

Jory Des Jardins

  • Global head of community, ConsenSys

  • ConsenSys is the Google of blockchain — and Jory is leading their charge to take the technology mainstream.

  • Learn how Blockchain is being adopted all around us, and why it’s expected to be a major driver of jobs growth.

Oz Sultan

  • Board Member, Homeland Security Foundation of America. CSO @ Sultan Interactive Group

  • Developed Social Media Counterterrorism, researcher on dark web spending across the blockchain.

  • Learn how blockchain can be used to fight modern scourges like human trafficking.

Karthik Iyer

  • Ambassador, P2P Foundation

  • The P2P Foundation is home to the only official profile of Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin.

  • Learn how blockchain, even in a so-called winter, is already changing lives across Asia and Africa.

Regulatory Outlook

Why everyone should hear this:

From drones to blockchain to cannabis, emerging industries can be defined by their relationships with regulators. How do we create new economic opportunities while guarding against the unique risks being created?

Screenshot 2019-05-10 10.46.09.png

Sean T. O'Kelly

  • Chief Information Officer, State of Illinois, Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

  • He plays a major role in Illinois’s approach to blockchain and digital assets

  • You will learn how a technologist and a regulator looks at the emerging landscape.


Paul Chen

  • Partner at Mayer Brown

  • Leading expert in financial tech and digital assets.

  • Learn how the law has evolved along-side new breeds of financial tools and techniques.

Impact and Regenerative Investing

Why everyone should hear this:

Trillons of dollars are needed over the coming decades to solve the biggest issues of our time, including the climate crisis, ocean acidification, and rampant income inequality. In this track, we will provide an overview of the regenerative investing space (often referred to by different names like impact investing, sustainable/responsible investing, and ESG for environmental, social, governance), how your portfolio could pursue more good and make money at the same time, and the prospects for problem-solving these pressing local and global issues via capital markets.


Gavin Reardon

  • Founder, Kingson Capital

  • He’s building South Africa’s technology scene into a globally recognized source of innovation.

  • What emerging technologies mean in Africa, and how to participate in the new economy.

Logan Yonavjak

  • Consultant & Advisor in Regenerative Investing

  • Works with investors and select companies to transition capital to an economy that works for all

  • Moderating a discussion with innovators in fintech and finance on how to invest via public markets, fixed income, and private investments to build a better world. 

R. Paul Herman

  • CEO + Founder, HIP Investor Ratings + Portfolios.

  • Leading visionary and implementer in regenerative investing.

  • Will discuss quantifying regenerative impact for public equities, muni bonds, real estate, and 401ks.

Claire Veuthey

  • Claire Veuthey, Director of ESG & Impact at OpenInvest

  • Impact investing expert with experience across geographies

  • Will discuss how tech is changing investing — including impact investing — and democratizing access

Tyler Jackson

  • Impact Investment Officer, Low Income Investment Fund

  • Social finance advocate with a passion for integrated capital solutions

  • Will discuss democratization trends in impact investing, community development, and impact reporting.

Sonal Pandya Dalal

  • Director, NGO Outreach, SASB

  • Sustainability professional with over 15 years experience in building best practices and standards.

  • Will discuss new business models for regenerative investing using financially material, industry specific sustainability information

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