EOSIO Block Producer & Technology Summit
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EOSIO Block Producer & Technology Summit

The EOSIO Block Producer & Technology Summit will be Located at the SF Film Center

The EOSIO Block Producer & Technology Summit will be Located at the SF Film Center

The Second Annual EOSIO Block Producer & Technology Summit

1 Day • San Francisco

Be a part of tradition and celebrate the one year anniversary of EOSIO launch.

Plug into the electric momentum that is revolutionizing the Blockchain industry.

Get up close and personal with the most prominent EOSIO Block Producers, community members, and dApp teams.

Establish and nurture important relationships that will help you achieve your goals.

Connect with EOSIO community members from across the globe.

Learn from community leaders who are pioneering EOSIO dApp development, governance, and more.


EOSIO Builders & Infrastructure

EOS Rio along side other prominent EOSIO infrastructure technology leaders in the space, will be leading an overview of the current state of how EOSIO infrastructure is being scaled to meet the future demands of EOSIO blockchains.

EOSIO Decentralized Applications

Decentralized Applications are the future. PixEOS, Chintai, and Yolo (Waterloo Protocol) will be showcasing how their projects and discussing how they leverage EOSIO technology to offer unique application models that are only possible with blockchain technology.



Discussion about the challenges, successes, and future of EOSIO governance. Thought leaders will explore how various approaches to EOSIO governance, and the corresponding tradeoffs that influence the decision making processes that will influence future of EOSIO blockchains.

Regulatory Standards & Blockchain

Mayer & Brown is prolific global law firm specializes in providing legal counsel & research about the regulatory standards that will shape the future of the Blockchain industry. Paul Chen from Mayer & Brown will be sharing his insights about the future of regulation & cryptocurrencies

Our (growing) list of speakers:


Michael Gucci, MD

Founder and Interim Custodian for AirDropsDAC, Founder of Z-Meta, Z11K and 21Zephyr, Inc. Former ER physician and an early adopter of EOS.


Luke Stokes

Luke Stokes is block producer on Steem and a member of eosDAC, a community-owned EOS block producer and DAC enabler.

Having built his own business for 10 years, Luke is now fully focused on blockchain projects, including DAC technology.

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