AR Design Workshop


  • VR/AR Technology
  • Interaction and integrations of AR tech into the everyday.
  • Why AR tech is the future?


  • Monday June 3rd, 2-5pm
  • Location: 111 Ellis St, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, Ca, 94102

AR Design Workshop

What will you learn?

Scanta harnesses the power of augmented reality and blockchain technology to build innovative experiences with an aim to disrupt the way people live, learn, and communicate. This new way of communication is made possible by using AR avatars called Pikamojis, which gives users the opportunity to interact with 100+ unique AR characters and animations. Pikamoji is an app that gives anyone the ability to create engaging and unique AR experiences that can be shared with friends and through social media. Pikamojis are a manifestation of moods, emotions, and expressions for users. This fun content creation and sharing app allows anyone to experiment, experience, and engage with the magic of augmented reality.

The Competition:

You will have 3 hours to create and conceptualize an avatar design. The avatar can be used in any unique way to create an emotion, expression, or a form of interaction between users. The winning design will be added to the Scanta AR library for the world to use.