We need to talk about Disasters

How we can all play our part in saving lives

With our world facing problems on a global scale, there is opportunity for all of us in technology to help make things better. Learn about the complexities of natural disasters, and how companies of all types can chip in to help.


Prep & Prevention

How does one prepare for a natural disaster? How do we make sure those who need our services most can access them? What role can technology play in helping us get ready for “the next time”?


On the Ground

Reliability, connectivity, coordination — each of these takes on great and grave importance in a disaster area. How can software and hardware designs aid ground teams in hostile environments?



Communities must make painful choices as they rebuild their homes and economies. How can the tools of technology aid all of us in moving on from tragedy?


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If you want to meet people at the top of their game who believe in solving big problems, then we’ve got good news for you. This June, in San Francisco, we are throwing a 2-day conference and week-long summit series tackling the largest issues of our era. Let us know today if you’re interested — we can’t wait to meet you.



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We need to talk about Disasters

How we can all play our part in saving lives


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