Arms of the Future

The Front Lines of Automation

As you read these words, robotic arms are going through a renaissance. Recent revolutions in machine learning and computer vision are intersecting with robotics, giving them an autonomy and ability to navigate real-world scenarios like never before. These new, adaptable, generalist machines are about to enter the real world and transform whole industries via automation.


Generalist Machines

Innovators are creating robotic arms that are as talented as a human’s. Capable of interacting with new objects, dealing with heavy loads or delicate tasks, and coordinated enough to catch a ball, these arms are already redefining the boundaries between machines and the real world.


Expert Machines

The new generation of intelligent, generalist arms are starting to leave the factory and laboratory — venturing into specialized industries. Advances in AI and vision will allow these robots to revolutionize healthcare, agriculture, and many other industries.


That automation thing…

These arms will be able to boost crop-yields and reduce health-care costs by augmenting or replacing human labor. What will the effects on industries, companies, and people be as robots gain new abilities? We will look at the front lines where automation is already changing the world.


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Arms of the Future

The Front Lines of Automation


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